MalgraBooks Tax Spreadsheet: Dashboard graph does not show the correct expenses amount

This article was updated on January 8th, 2018

  • Bugcode: F38
  • Products affected: MalgraBooks Free Consultant Spreadsheet
  • Note: This bug only affects version 1.1 of the spreadsheet

Issue: The Dashboard graph does not show the correct expenses amount

Cause: The graph does not include the Home Allowance (Simplified Expenses) value which was added in version 0.8.

Example of issue

On the screenshot above, the expenses section of the graph (shown in red) does not match the expenditure total in the main table. This is a cosmetic fix, and the number listed in the expenditure table should continue to be used.

How to fix

  1. At the bottom of the main screen, right click on the Dashboard tab and select ‘Unhide…’

2. Double click on the ‘Sheet 3’ item in the list.

3. Click cell B4 where the expenses value is listed

4. In the formula, delete =Expense!F6 and replace with =Dashboard!H21

5. Press the green tick next to the formula and then right click the Sheet3 tab at the bottom of the screen

6. Press hide. Save the file as normal.

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