Venue Rent – Zoom Article

We’re aware that Slimming World has published a number of scenarios within the Consultants’ Zoom Magazine this month (September 2018) in relation to venue rent and percentages The examples provided by Slimming World show the change in earnings depending on whether your venue rent is deducted before or after your […]

Your feedback

Q&A Time – We’d love to hear any feedback which we can [hopefully] act on with the Tax Guide. If you’d like to provide any feedback, please use the below form. We’ll try to respond to all feedback where possible, and will publish the responses here on the tax guide […]

Malgra eLearning Portal – Testing

Early this month, we asked consultants what extra features/help and support they’d like in regards to tax responsibilities – and eLearning was the most popular option (over 70% of votes cast). We’re looking for ‘testers’ to try a new system to take an ‘introduction to self employment’ online course. It […]

Save £5 on the printed Tax Guide

We’re pleased to announce that the printed version of the tax guide is now available with a £5 discount – just £21.99 including delivery. At 52 pages in size, the printed tax guidance document provides a great ‘offline’ version of the consultant tax guide  – and comes with the paperwork […]

Mileage Tracker – Development

This article was updated on November 10th, 2017We’re currently creating a new mileage tracker for helping consultants keep ‘track’ of their business miles throughout the year. Once we’ve perfected the tracker, it will be available as a free download for printing, or may be purchased for a small fee for […]